Silence in the time of genocide

              Why are notable Rohingya figures silent about Israel and Gaza?

by: Shafiur Rahman

In the realm of human existence, silence can sometimes be more profound than words. It can echo through the corridors of history, leaving us to ponder the weight of its meaning. Recently, an X/Twitter post from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum stirred a lot of thoughts within me. It spoke about the attack on Israel, but its silence on the Palestinian situation left a glaring void. Specifically, I was left to wonder why there was no mention of Israel's orders for Gaza—an action that Martin Griffiths, head of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, described as defying "the rules of war and basic humanity." The absence of commentary on Israel’s plans, which some argue not only violate international humanitarian law but also border on genocidal intent, makes the Museum's silence all the more perplexing.