About Respect

The Respect Party was set up in January 2004. It was formed because of the need for a left-wing alternative to the three established parties - New Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats.

None of those parties represent the interests of ordinary working-class people or those who want a fairer, more equal and just society.

When millions marched against the invasion of Iraq, the government ignored us.

When workers and communities take strike action or protest against privatisation, job losses and cuts to our services, they are criticised by the New Labour government and the other parties.

The Respect Party is opposed to war, privatisation and unemployment.

The Respect Party stands for peace, publicly owned services and a decent future for all.

We want a world in which the democratic demands of the people are carried out; a world based on need not profit; a world where solidarity rather than self-interest is the spirit of the age.

We want to reach out to all those who share our views, to build a new party for change in the interests of ordinary people.

Election Successes
Respect has made progress since it was set up in January 2004.

In the 2005 general election Respect got impressive results despite the 'first past the post' electoral system, which makes things difficult for a new party. We were able to win results in a clutch of inner-city working class constituencies which no other left party had achieved for a very long time.

Expelled Labour MP George Galloway stood for Respect in the east London constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow and overturned a 10,000 majority held by the New Labour pro-war MP Oona King.

In two other east London constituencies, East and West Ham, Respect came second to Labour. In another east London constituency, Poplar and Canning Town, we came third.

In Sparkbrook and Small Heath in Birmingham Salma Yaqoob won 27.5 percent of the vote - only 3,000 votes short of winning the seat.

We now have six councillors on Tower Hamlets council, a councillor in the London Borough of Newham and three councillors on Birmingham City Council.

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