Why am I standing for Respect?

“I am proud to be a Respect party candidate for Enfield Southgate constituency, as I believe in Peace, Justice and Equality for all. I will be campaigning against cuts in education, healthcare, care for the elderly and other vulnerable groups in the community, etc.

Mainstream politicians have let us all down; they don't care about ordinary people. They grovel to the rich and powerful. They line their pockets with expenses. It's no wonder people don't feel like voting. Respect is offering a different type of politics.

All three so called ‘BIG’ parties propose big cuts in public services which will destroy our already suffering economy. Respect opposes these cuts to avoid more job losses.

Present government has spent billions on bailing out the banking system and wants to make cuts in public services. Why should we pay for the mistakes made by bankers who still get huge bonuses? Respect would take control of the banks and invest in jobs and public services.

Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of war on terror is another mistake of new labour which is costing Britain billions of pounds and lives of our soldiers. No wonder people are being deprived of their rights to jobs and public services. This is an unwinnable conflict. Respect opposes this British and US adventure. We are campaigning to bring the troops home now. We do not want any more deaths for US power. We should escalate our efforts for peace.

One of the best things about London is its cultural diversity, and its 'live and let live' attitude, Some want to scapegoat for lack of resources. Instead of blaming the council or the government, they blame immigrants. Respect rejects this rubbish.

We fight for equality for all communities and resources for all. Sticking together is a better way to fight for houses and services. “