Seven policies for a fairer society

Investment NOT cuts
Slashing public spending will only deepen the recession. Instead of the obsession with cuts we need to invest for growth. This will allow Government income to rise and cut unemployment. That is the best way to reduce the national debt.

Fairer Taxation

Too many people on average or low incomes are paying too much tax. Meanwhile the super rich employ an army of accountants to avoid paying their fair share. We cannot afford to allow the richest in our society to get away with tax dodges when services are being cut.

Affordable housing

Our housing waiting lists are a scandal.  We need a massive house building programme to reduce waiting lists and overcrowding.

One Society, Many Cultures

We should be proud of our diverse and vibrant city. Everyone is equal no matter their race, religion or lifestyle. We are different, but we are one society. We should not be divided by racism and intolerance.

Free School Meals

Many parents struggle to find the money for school meals, yet worry about providing a healthy lunch for their children. We could provide free meals for every child for a tiny fraction of the cost of the banking bailout - ensuring every child has a well-cooked, nutritious meal at school every day.

New Green Deal

We need to save the environment and we need to create jobs. The UK could create up to 400,000 jobs in new green industries. Instead of wasting tens of billions of pounds on new Trident nuclear weapons, we should invest in green technology to save our planet.

Troops out of Afghanistan

Too many lives have been lost. Escalating the conflict can only make things worse. We need to find a peaceful solution. We need to bring the troops home now.