Three cheers for the students!

Wednesday's student protests were absolutely fantastic! Tens of thousands of students from universities, FE colleges and schools streamed onto the streets to defend their education and the rights of generations to come. Congratulations to everybody involved and particularly to those students at Birmingham University who occupied a university building.

The student protests are piling the pressure on our hypocritical politicians. They are an inspiration to everyone to make their voices heard.

It is a disgrace that politicians, who got their university education for free, along with a grant for living expenses that they did not have to pay back, should now deny this to the student generation of today.

Like many parents I am worried about the financial burden of sending my children to university. But there are millions of families on much lower incomes who now couldn’t even dream of finding the money to support their children’s education. These young people will be denied the chance to reach their potential.

This government is very vulnerable over the tuition fees issue. The Liberal Democrats made specific promises at the General Election that they are now going to tear up. They have to be made to realise that their political futures depend on them sticking by their pledges to oppose increased tuition fees.

This movement looks like just the beginning of a wave of protests by young people against the injustice that is being imposed on them. I hope it intensifies and spreads to every corner of the country. I will be doing my very best to support it.