Prisoners of Guantanamo Bay

I lie wide awake in this cold cell at night,
Knowing tomorrow I face a brand new fight.
I console myself - it’s going to be alright,
But I already see the tunnel without any light.

Every morning I just don’t want to wake up,
But I force myself to never ever give up.
The evil I see here makes my psyche erupt,
The system in place is so dark and corrupt.

Taunts, torture, abuse and on-going threats,              
They feel no shame, nor have any regrets.
They watch and laugh as I panic and fret,
Then burn holes in my skin with a lit cigarette.

My battered body is screaming out in agony,
Suffocating in here and I’m desperate to breathe.
Every heartbeat is becoming harder to beat,
Every obstacle is becoming harder to defeat.

I’ve had enough and my dying heart bleeds,
Am crying inside and the world cannot see.
I worry of what will happen to my poor family?
My parents, my wife, my baby they suffer greatly.

I stumble in pain with every step that I take,
Every smile on my face is now really just fake.
But the Imaan in my heart will never shake,
They can try all they want but it will never break.

I pray one day this will all come to an end,
The lonely nights will cease to be my best friend.
But if I don’t live to see another year again,
I believe in God’s justice….I’m a winner in the end

By Iram of MPACUK