'3 major parties complicit in Israeli terror'

'The Israeli assault on Gaza is barbaric. Women and children are being targetted and murdered. If overwhelming military force was used on any other ghetto with 1.5 million people in it, there would be a major outcry from governments across the world. Because it is an Israeli attack, our government is spineless and our loyal opposition embarrassed and embarrassing.' So said Catherine Higgins, Respect's prospective parliamentary candidate in response to the air and naval attacks on Gaza on Wednesday, 14 November.

'This war is not going to end quickly. Israel has made it clear that it intends a ground invasion to destroy a democratically elected government in Gaza. It is an overcrowded ghetto that will rise in its own defence. While the 3 major parties are complicit in Israeli terrorism, the people of Britain must show support for the Palestinians now. The only option for peace is the unconditional withdrawal of Israeli troops, aircraft and ships and the relief of the siege of Gaza. Respect wants peace.