A talk presented by Max Keiser
hosted by George Galloway MP
Grand Committee Room Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament
Tuesday 20th November 7.30pm

Are western economies about to be plunged into further financial meltdown through the collapse of key currencies? Will we be facing trade wars and hyper-inflation in the foreseeable future? And what must be done to avert this potential economic and political catastrophe?

Max Keiser is a renowned commentator on the bizarre shape of the world economy and particularly its financial structure and about the politicians who preside over this chaos.

Described as “America’s most outrageous political pundit”…whose broadcasts, according to the Independent newspaper “no channel in the United States will carry, which go well beyond the benign impudence of The Daily Show”.

Come and hear his challenging views at this meeting
hosted by the MP for Bradford West, George Galloway