'He can be The Croydon People's Champion'

An amazing gathering took place last night planning the launch of Lee Jasper's election campaign for Croydon North.

Activists from all over London and the South East, black and white men and women, Muslims Christians Sikhs Hindus, young and old, pledged themselves to four weeks hard work to change politics in Croydon for good.

"I had the privilege of serving in Parliament for many years with the late Bernie Grant MP - known to all as the People's Champion" said George Galloway MP, the campaign organiser.

"I believe Lee Jasper is the true heir to that accolade. He can be Croydon People's Champion" said Galloway.

"Lee stands for Justice, Peace and Equality. He stands for Respect".

Respect Yourself. Respect Croydon. Vote Lee Jasper. That was the message from the meeting. The battle for Croydon North has begun.