Galloway responds to David Cameron

Bradford West MP George Galloway responded to Prime Minister David Cameron's refusal to answer a parliamentary question, by resorting to a cheap insult, by detailing the Arab tyrannies and puppet presidents Britain backs.

'I asked a reasonable question, to detail the difference between the jihadists in Mali we oppose and the jihadists in Syria we back and in response to a legitimate inquiry I received a sneering insult more fitted to the gutters of Eton than the Mother of all Parliaments,' Galloway said. 'Britain is guilty to backing the worst, most bloodthirsty dictators in the world, bar none. This country backs and arms the foul Saudi Arabian sheikhdom which has the least democracy and probably the worst human rights record on the planet.

Stop the war on Mali

The French government (with British logistical support – though the planes keep breaking down) has launched a military adventure in the former French colony of Mali. As with all the Western interventions of the last decade, this will destabilize the region and lead to greater conflict rather than less. It must be opposed in the strongest terms.

Mali has been subject to ‘Western help’ for the past 20 years and has imploded largely as a result of it. French intervention is to support a military government mired in corruption and every bit as brutal in its torture and murder as those being bombed. The rebels being bombed were given their battle training and weaponry in Libya by the very Western forces now seeking to crush them.

The British government is behaving shamefully in offering support in this dangerous adventure. There has been no public discussion or Parliamentary vote on British involvement. Instead, the British military are being dragged into an ethnic conflict that reaches back to the appalling mess made in Libya in 2011.

Equality of Sacrifice

This government is out to drown the poor. In a sinking ship, the bankers and the millionaires seek safety and comfort while pushing everyone else out of the life boats or down the ladders. This is the 21st century that the Tories and the Liberal Democrats want for us.

They will not punish the bankers or the tax evading companies that produced this economic mess because these are their chums. They are hell bent on using the mess they created as an excuse to roll back the role of the state to help the poorest and turn it into a mere clearing house for profitable government contracts in health, education, transport, even prisons.

By 2020, the TUC estimates that living standards will have been cut for the majority by a further 15%. This comes on top of the most consistent fall in living standards since the 1930s. From 2005, living standards have fallen by an average of 1% per year. Last night, the House of Commons voted for a Welfare Bill that will make 7 million working families worse off and increase the despair and desperation of the unemployed. The government ministers laughed and joked as they did this, including the Prime Minister, whose family wealth was secured in tax avoidance schemes.


A talk presented by Max Keiser
hosted by George Galloway MP
Grand Committee Room Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament
Tuesday 20th November 7.30pm

Are western economies about to be plunged into further financial meltdown through the collapse of key currencies? Will we be facing trade wars and hyper-inflation in the foreseeable future? And what must be done to avert this potential economic and political catastrophe?

Max Keiser is a renowned commentator on the bizarre shape of the world economy and particularly its financial structure and about the politicians who preside over this chaos.

Described as “America’s most outrageous political pundit”…whose broadcasts, according to the Independent newspaper “no channel in the United States will carry, which go well beyond the benign impudence of The Daily Show”.

Come and hear his challenging views at this meeting
hosted by the MP for Bradford West, George Galloway

George Galloway and Yvonne Ridley speak out on Gaza massacre

'3 major parties complicit in Israeli terror'

'The Israeli assault on Gaza is barbaric. Women and children are being targetted and murdered. If overwhelming military force was used on any other ghetto with 1.5 million people in it, there would be a major outcry from governments across the world. Because it is an Israeli attack, our government is spineless and our loyal opposition embarrassed and embarrassing.' So said Catherine Higgins, Respect's prospective parliamentary candidate in response to the air and naval attacks on Gaza on Wednesday, 14 November.

'This war is not going to end quickly. Israel has made it clear that it intends a ground invasion to destroy a democratically elected government in Gaza. It is an overcrowded ghetto that will rise in its own defence. While the 3 major parties are complicit in Israeli terrorism, the people of Britain must show support for the Palestinians now. The only option for peace is the unconditional withdrawal of Israeli troops, aircraft and ships and the relief of the siege of Gaza. Respect wants peace.

'He can be The Croydon People's Champion'

An amazing gathering took place last night planning the launch of Lee Jasper's election campaign for Croydon North.

Activists from all over London and the South East, black and white men and women, Muslims Christians Sikhs Hindus, young and old, pledged themselves to four weeks hard work to change politics in Croydon for good.

"I had the privilege of serving in Parliament for many years with the late Bernie Grant MP - known to all as the People's Champion" said George Galloway MP, the campaign organiser.

"I believe Lee Jasper is the true heir to that accolade. He can be Croydon People's Champion" said Galloway.

"Lee stands for Justice, Peace and Equality. He stands for Respect".

Respect Yourself. Respect Croydon. Vote Lee Jasper. That was the message from the meeting. The battle for Croydon North has begun.

Speak Up for Manchester

The Respect Party will contest the Manchester Central by-election on 15 November. The party has selected Catherine Higgins, a 40 year old mother of 6 children who lives and works in Manchester. Catherine’s platform is to ask the people of Manchester to speak up rather than being a ladder for the political establishment only interested in the ‘Westminster bubble’.
Catherine is of Sierra Leonean descent and has lived in the UK for over twenty years. She is a local community advocate and political campaigner in Manchester with a strong record of helping with benefit, housing and immigration issues. She has consistently worked in the voluntary third sector and has a passion for helping improve facilities for working class areas.

She intends to stand for election on a platform of opposition to the growing inequality and degradation of our communities.
  • More social housing built rather than student residences and supermarkets.
  • Free school meals and more school places with more teachers employed.
  • A major programme of creating community facilities starting with youth centres.
  • Abolish tuition fees.
  • Restore Education Maintenance Allowance.
  • Bring the troops home from Afghanistan.
In accepting the party’s selection, Catherine explained, ‘the Human spirit is being drained as Job centre Plus has sub-contracted job seeking to private companies...who really do not show due care to their customers, hence leaving unemployed people treated like second class citizens. I have slowly watched my neighbours, friends and families lives deteriorate due to the economic climate.
‘I put myself forward because I have a great yearning for real change, not one that is scripted, dictated then abandoned but one that is practiced. George Galloway’s stunning election victory in March is a model for an election campaign that can bring real change. It is time for the same in Manchester.’

Lee Jasper is Respect's candidate in Croydon North

The former policy adviser to the London Mayor is Respect's candidate for the Croydon North by-election.

'If I could have composed the perfect candidate to fight this seat then it would be Lee Jasper,' said George Galloway, the Respect MP. 'Lee has a stellar track record in activism and community involvement. As well as being a crucial member of Ken Livingstone's team in governing London, as Director for Policing and Equalities. His record of public service is unequalled.'

'I'm delighted to be the Respect candidate,' said Lee Jasper. 'Following George's amazing victory in Bradford West I welcome the opportunity to offer the people of Croydon North a viable alternative to the tired and failed politics of the mainstream political parties. The responsibility for the economic crisis lies with banks and not the people of Croydon North and yet they are seeing their services cut and the welfare reforms are causing real hardship and acute distress.'

Jasper said that the focus of his campaign will be to speak out for the poor, the elderly, the vulnerable, highlight and challenge the shared consensus on cuts and the austerity agenda, supported by Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour. 'There has to be a strong argument in defence of the unemployed and the working poor and in favour of creating jobs and opportunities. We need fresh and dynamic approach to reducing crime, supporting the victims of the riots in their quest for compensation and tackling the strained relations between young people and the police are just some of our priorities.

'I will be a minority of those articulating that there is another way. I will be arguing against the austerity programme and for investment in public services and jobs. I am looking forward to taking these argument to the voters of Croydon North.'

The Croydon North by-election is likely to take place on 29 November

London Met crisis attacks all students

by Mary Robertson

The absurdity of the government’s xenophobic immigration policy was thrown into sharp relief yesterday as the UK Border Agency (UKBA) revoked London Metropolitan University’s right to authorise visas, effectively meaning that London Met can no longer accept international students. The announcement coincided with the release of figures showing immigration levels well above the government’s arbitrary and irrational 100,000 per year target. It is at best a desperate attempt to hit that target, irrespective of its pernicious consequences for higher education. At worst, it is a continuation of the government’s efforts that began in winter 2010 to systematically denigrate UK higher education.
The effects of UKBA’s decision will be most cruelly felt by those international students already half-way through their degree at London Met who, despite having already shelled out tens of thousands of pounds in tuition fees, are now unable to finish the courses they started. Not content with destroying the futures of young people in Britain, it would seem, the government is now applying itself to shattering those of young people from abroad. One student told the Guardian yesterday that his father in Nigeria had had a heart attack on hearing that his son will not be able to finish his degree.

The decision will also have more far-reaching but no less destructive consequences on other students. UK universities are increasingly dependent on overseas tuition fees (much higher than those for domestic students) to make ends meet. By sending a clear message to international students that they are not welcome here, UKBA’s decision is likely to deter future international students coming to the UK and put this important source of funding in jeopardy.

It is absurd that international students, who come to the UK temporarily - and are of great economic benefit to the British economy - are included in immigration figures. But as worrying is the fact that the effects of this absurd policy will not be equally felt.

Unlike Britain’s elite Russell group universities, whose visa-granting rights have not been put into question, London Met caters to local students from poorer and ethnic minority backgrounds. Two thirds of its students come from local communities, three fifths are non-white, and 96% come from the state sector. Last year overseas student fees accounted for 15% of London Met’s income and in interviews yesterday, the Chancellor of London Met was unable to rule out the possibility of closure as a result of UKBA’s decision.

The London Met decision therefore shows the government’s xenophobic and cynically opportunistic attempts to cut headline immigration figures dovetailing with its willingness (even wilfulness) to see non-elite higher education institutions fail. It is an attack both on international students and on students here whose life chances have been dramatically improved through the existence of institutions like London Met.

The tragic irony is that in the last year London Met has enthusiastically embraced the government’s vision for a marketised higher education system by outsourcing its services and slashing courses while cutting fees. That this compliance has only made London Met’s future more vulnerable is a stark reminder of why we need a properly funded education system - one that meets the needs of all young people, whether they are already here or are wishing to come from abroad.